Monday, 6 October 2014

Mellow Monday #8

When I was sat in bed last night & it hit me tomorrow was Monday, it scared me slightly. Freshers week flew by and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't go out that much! Today marks the first day of my last year as Lancaster University student & that's daunting (although I actually have today off...)

Reasons to mellow this Monday:

-Wrote my first piece for my university paper, which I'm super excited about seeing in actual print and so excited to start the next piece!

- Starting a fashion blog is scary, especially when I have to embrace telling all my friends at university about it, but they have been so supportive, so many people willing to take my ootd photographs and who seem genuinely excited by what I'm doing.

- Although I'm scared to start 3rd year, new starts are always good to me and I have a pretty quiet timetable this term which gives me time to concentrate on my written project.

- I dyed my hair whiter and am currently sat with a shed load of purple shampoo on my hair to try and knock out the brashiness! Fingers crossed, I'd love to hear any tips for gaining white hair.

- Lastly, I had a few very low moment this week which I expected as I'm having to face reality a little but it's a new week and I have so much to be happy about, I can't let one thing stop me.

Elena x  

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