Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dressing Gown

Coat - New Look | Top - H&M | Skirt - ASOS | Shoes - ASOS

Guess who's back! So I may have taken an extended break from blogging due to health issues (I am now wheat intolerant so that's fun...) , then work commitments, then Christmas etcetera etcetera... But it's okay because I'm back! Not going to lie, this outfit is from way back in November, I now have normal blonde hair again but I will be posting a current outfit tomorrow including a brand collaboration of the world's most beautiful shoes! 

But yeah this outfit was a typical I have university and it's raining again but I actually want to wear something other than jeans or trousers. This skirt was absolute steal from £70 to a tenner on ASOS and it truly goes with everything, daytime or night time! Combining with colours that compliment the skirt, and this sure did keep me warm on a typical raining Thursday in Lancaster.

I have many exciting things to come this year, hopefully announce my big break very soon and some work with Unidays next week! Thank you for sticking with me guys, I also reached over 4,500 page views this month which was utterly amazing seeing as I hadn't posted in a month and a half :/

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Elena x

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  1. I've noticed that some of the food I buy is marked gluten free, but it must be a pain trying to make sure your entire diet is gluten free. Your hair looks beautiful and I love your outfit. Your dark H+M top and light vertical striped Asos skirt look lovely styled together.