Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bet you didn't expect an ASOS haul...

All ASOS (dur)

Now in the short time I've been writing this blog, it's become very apparent how much I love ASOS, buy everything from ASOS, basically need help with my ASOS addiction. And awkwardly I'm about to make another order but this is what I've compiled over the past month.

There's quite a grey theme running through these items which I've only just noticed but at least I'm moving slightly away from my black and white obsession (says this whilst sat wearing black top and white jeans.) I already have a really wide brim black fedora but I decided to pick this light grey version as it works really well when I need to lighten up an all black ensemble and it will work both in summer and winter. 

I've pretty much decided summer is over and Autumn is upon us so a lot of my latest purchases certainly have a warmer feel about them. It dawned upon me I didn't have a lot of ankle boots so I preceded to buy 2 new pairs (probably 3 at this rate!) I picked this snake print ones as they're a bit snazzier than your usual black ankle boots and they look amazing with both jeans and dresses.

These are my third pair of ASOS jeans, they're the Whitby cut and pretty much my perfect jean. Not too long (5"2 problems) and not too low waistband. I used to live in my black New Look high waisted jeans so needed a similar pair so I wasn't wearing the same pair of jeans day in day out. I love the ripped knee although a lot of my friends like commenting on whether I forgot to rip the other knee (har de har)

As I've decided it's Autumn, I've been buying a lot of jacket/coats/capes and this blazer is absolutely perfect to bring in the warmer Autumn months as it's light weight but big enough so I can layer plenty of jumpers underneath but also quite smart as I enter my 3rd year of university I might need some smarter clothes for interviews *cry*

I love really simple tops, and this grey ripped kimono top is both simple yet clever at the same. Not your normal plain V neck tee, it has a kind of lamp shape to it which I adore and it looks great with both jeans and skirts.

Lastly, I've been having a bit of a tough time recently (resits, break up, life) so I bought this simple charm necklace with the engraving "HAPPY" to remind me things are okay. I know that's really lame but it's those little things that get me through the day and it works really well with all my other current favourites jewellery wise (if you'd like to see my daily jewellery pieces please comment below!)

So there you go. There are some of the things I've been burning my money away on (hurry up payday/student loan day). Let me know what pieces you dig. My photographer (sister) is finally finishing work today so I'll be back posting regular outfit posts from tomorrow hopefully!