Monday, 18 August 2014

Mellow Monday #1

So I've been going through a bit of rough patch recently and although blogging has lifted me out of my funk, last week was a particularly tough one for me. So I decided to take action and declare Monday's to become Mellow Mondays! Every Monday I will post about positive things happening in my life to remind myself and you guys, that life isn't really that bad.

1. Finally getting back into cycling. I used to be a full blown road cyclist until boys and uni got in the way and now I have neither at the moment, now is the perfect opportunity to release the inner Bradley Wiggins in me.

2. Being blonde again. I regularly change hair colour and style and have recently returned to my blonde roots and there really is nothing better than being blonde and sassy!

3. Going away with my girlfriends next week. I'm going to Jersey for just under a week after my exams, were I'll be attending Jersey Live (music festival for those who don't know) and I'm super excited to see my uni girls who I miss desperately. 

4. Reaching 900 page views on the blawg. Writing this blog has given me a much needed confidence boost and I can't believe the support I have received, so thank you!

5. Having an amazingly supportive family and friends. Even though this summer has turned out a bit, for a better word, shit, I have an amazing group of people around me who never let me down and fail to support me no matter what.

So there's this weeks positive thoughts, hope you like the feature and let me know what's keeping you positive through dark times :-)


  1. Sorry that you've been having a hard time recently but you sound like you have a lot to be positive about! Have a lovely time away with your friends :)

    Laura x

    Fashion Found Me // UK Fashion & Personal Style Blog

    1. thank you honey, it means a lot :-) xx