Monday, 25 August 2014

Mellow Monday #2

So here we are again, it's Monday, albeit a Bank Holiday in the UK which softens the blow a little bit. Yet again, I'm still my usual emotional self but glad that last week is over and done. Onwards and upwards!

 Five happy things that are occuring at the moment:

- I finished my resits last week (hurrah) which means not only can I chill out before I go back to university, I can also focus fully on blogging! 

- I run my first ever 10k in just under 2 weeks and although I'm terrified, I'm super excited to run a proper race along side so many others
- I get hair boredom nearly everyday so am currently deciding whether to get an undercut shaved into my hair, exactly what Ellie has here! Let me know what your thoughts, I only have one more year left to rebel at uni before I have to 'calm down' so it seems as perfect time as any!
- On Saturday, I fly out to Jersey to my two girlfriends to stay with my other girlfriend on holiday! I haven't managed a proper holiday this summer so I'm really looking forward to getting away from real life and spending time with my favourites.
- Lastly, I'm quite glad the weather has gone a bit miserable as I can fully embrace the best trend of Autumn/Winter, Normcore! The most simple, yet effective trend, as a girl who loves a pair of jeans, this trend is basically me reincarnated.

Happy Monday guys :-) 

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