Sunday, 24 August 2014

Zara A/W Wishlist

So hey guys, I'm back after my brief hiatus due to university obligations and I thought I'd kick it off again with a lovely wistful wishlist post for Zara.

Me and Zara, our friendship has been brief but beautiful and now they've started stocking their A/W stock, I'm very happy indeed. My current basket equals £144 and if I wasn't going away this Friday, I probably would have already ordered the lot. But we both know I will end up ordering something so I will keep you informed!

My top picks from Zara at the moment are:

- Drawstring Trousers, I recently realised that I don't own any grey trousers and this has greatly upset me and I feel it needs to be altered ASAP. This pair as just enough casual to get away with at university but I could easily dress up with a pair of heels.
- Blue Slogan Tee, Zara do tee's so well, I can't resist stocking up in some classic slogan ones.
- Doctor's Bag, I actually study Computer Science at University and am thus needed to bring my laptop onto campus most days and I feel this bag would be able to carry all my crap plus laptop so basically it's a uni essential?! Right...
- Lace Top, can't really bet a black lace top, perfect to dress up a pair of jeans if you need a quick evening outfit.
- Midi Dress, I've only recently braved the midi due to my short legs and now can't resist anything of the midi length, especially if it has a slogan printed across it.
 - Leather Tote, this is my other chosen university bag, cheaper but doesn't seem as sturdy as the Doctor's bag, but would add a dash of colour into my universally black wardrobe.
- Black Slogan Tee, another slogan tee to boot, of course there had to be a black tee in this wishlist.
- Lace Embroidered Maxi Dress, I have lusted over this dress for months and months and although it would have been perfect for summer, I totally think it would be workable in the Autumn months with leather jacket or even duster coat.

Wishlist's always end up in me convincing myself I need all these items and with a shopping trip to Manchester coming my way on Tuesday, I may return with a few of these pieces, to be continued... 


  1. love me a bit of zara, all their clothes are so so beautiful but so expensive ahh

    1. I know, I have to say I treated myself to the doctor's bag but it's such a good investment! xx

  2. Love zara clothes, love that lace top and the black bag!

    1. I gave in and bought the bag! It's as beautiful in real life :-) xx

  3. I love the maxi dress! X

    1. It's amazing, I couldn't find it in store to try on :-( probably a good thing for my bank balance! xx