Saturday, 30 August 2014

What's in Lockett's Pockets Bag?

I've seen many bloggers do a "what's in my bag" piece so thought I'd join the team. My new choice bag of the moment is this doctor's bag from Zara, big enough to fit my laptop but not too overwhelming I can't use it for everyday use. It has 2 large inside pockets for keys and all those bits I'm scared I might lose (gym key, pound tokens, hairslides...) 

Inside my bag can be found the usual belongings of 20 year old student. A purse full of receipts from my ill-gotten gains. Both iPhone & iPod Touch as I'm an Apple addict. My favourite sunglasses as I like options. My actual glasses as I'm legally blind in one eye but pretend not to be. Various make up items depending on what my favourite product is of the moment (right now its Rimmel London Kate Moss Mascara & Eyeko Eyeliner). A notebook in case I get blogging inspiration. Ted Baker bodyspray. And lastly, my ASOS gold watch as I always forget to put it on when I leave the house so it lives in my bag to give me more chance of wearing it!

So there you go. A lovely insight into my bag and my daily goings on really. What do you always have in your bag?

I'm currently away on holiday but will reply to all comments on my return.

All photos by Daisy L.

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  1. I love your bag! :) oh and those sunglasses look so cool!
    Ana xo