Sunday, 14 September 2014

All That Glitters

Thin Gold Rings/Chunky Ring - Primark | Gold Watch - ASOS | Happy Necklace - ASOS | Stacked Necklace - ASOS | Diamond Chain Earring - Topshop

Jewellery is one of my favourite things in the world. Depending on how I feel, I either wear all silver or all gold. At the current present, I'm sticking with delicate, all gold pieces. I feel they are so much more effective than statement pieces when your outfit is quite bold but you want to able a bit of glitter to your look. 

I actually wear silver earrings in my ears but as I have 9 piercings in total, I can't change them everyday! So I usually change my bottom lobe piercing to jazz things up and this Diamond affair with its hanging chains is one of my top picks. 

Necklace wise, I don't really do them as I tend to wear a lot of pieces that don't suit a necklace but these two choices are very delicate yet funky. 

I rarely wear a watch but when I do, this my favourite. Minimalistic, but classic. Perfection.

I have a vast collection of rings, ranging from vintage to high street to gemstone pieces. As I want to keep things simple, I'm refraining from wearing my vintage pieces and just sticking to these simple thin rings, as I can wear them in some many different ways.

What jewellery are you wearing at the moment?

Elena x 

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  1. Cute watch x