Monday, 22 September 2014

Mellow Monday #6

Hey guys, so another week begins and it's a week closer to me moving back to Lancaster to start my third year. I'm actually going to do a post all about me as I feel a little background of who I am will be nice for you guys to read, and then know more about me!

So this week's Mellow Monday thoughts:

- Slowly but surely, I'm turning my hair white with the kind help of silver shampoo and 2 hour conditioning session. I love white hair, it looks so classic and amazing and I'm constantly looking for girls with white hair on instagram.

- My baby sister starts her university course today & I can't even say how proud of her I am, for moving away from home and doing it on her own. Some people disregard moving to uni as easy but it's not, I know and she continues to inspire me everyday to be better.

- I made my first ever chocolate cake for my Mama's birthday yesterday. I'm not domesticated, I'm good at cleaning but that's really it so was so happy when it turned out well & she was so happy and shocked by my efforts!

- I'm getting excited to move back to my uni house and have a massive redecorate, I'm thinking very minimal with lots of glass and prints. When it's done, I'm thinking of doing a post about my uni room so let me know if you guys would like that?

- Lastly, another week has passed & with every week that goes by, I feel stronger and better. Looking back, I'm glad what happened happened, it made me realise who I am & that I don't someone to validate me & make me feel whole. I happy alone at the moment, & have wonderful friends & family supporting me whenever I need reassurance. 

Elena x 

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