Monday, 29 September 2014

Mellow Monday #7

So I'm back at uni now and I'm hoping that means lots more posts as I have many more willing photographers to use at my freewill! Fingers crossed!

What's making this Monday mellow huh? Well...

- Being back at university and enjoying my last ever freshers week, which makes me want to die inside but also makes me mega excited and tired just thinking about how hungover I'll probably be. Queen lightweight here.

- I start full on training for my job tomorrow, which means actually working and actually getting paid so yay clothes.

- I'm hoping being back at university will make force me to 100% get over things, as I will faced head on with it, and it's lots easier to ignore something when they're in a different country.

- Setting myself a new weight goal as summer wasn't practically useful in keeping weight off, but I'm hoping to sign up to a colour run and maybe another 10k in the close future.

- Lastly, I have been asked to write my student paper, for the fashion section and will be starting off my writing with a piece about blogging! I'm hoping to then transfer the article to the blog so look forward to seeing that! 

What's making your Monday mellow?

Elena x

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