Sunday, 28 September 2014

Who is Lockett's Pockets?

So I've been running this blog for a few months now and I have to say I never expected such a positive reaction and so many good things to come of it. Truth be told, blogging saved me and for that I am truly grateful for every page view, comment or instagram like. So I thought it was time to share who I really am, to give a more personal touch to this blog.

I'm 20, almost 21 and about to start my final year of study at Lancaster University. I study IT for Creative Industries (oh a girl doing Computer Science, shock horror) and have dreams to work in media or become a primary school teacher.

I'm originally from Wigan, and no I don't support Wigan Athletic and no I don't like pies or Uncle Joe's Mintballs.

As well as being a fashion blogger, I'm also a part time cyclist, which I hope to pursue more once I finish my degree.

I currently work part time in social media, which also benefits my degree which will hopefully improve my job prospects in later life.

I have a younger sister, who's just begun study at Glasgow School of Art and is vastly smarter than me in anyway, but I got the beauty so... jokes.

I'm 5"2, and quite often regarded to as an angry Jack Russell due to my quick temper, and I am one of the most emotional people you will ever meet in your life.

I have 9 piercings, and dreams to get a tiny heart tattoo which I will keep you guys posted on.

I'm also know for my rapid changing of hair colour, all my ID's are incorrect but maybe now I'm blonde I'll stick to it.

I don't do colourful clothes (but you guys know that already) and have a distaste for dresses.

So there's a little more information about what makes me me, hope you guys enjoyed learning a bit more about my life and apologises for the lack of outfit posts this week, I have just moved back to my university house so will be back with a bang from tomorrow fingers crossed!

Elena x 

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