Thursday, 25 September 2014

My Current Top Reads - September

Frankie is one of ASOS's new personal stylists and my, am I glad to have found her! Such amazing quirky style, that girl knows how to clash prints and textures, and still look 10/10 while doing it. Alongside that hair, she's a wonder and half and constantly inspiring me to add a bit of colour into my monochrome wardrobe.

Hannah Crosskey is another one of my new finds, she aced it at London Fashion Week, knowing just how to mix smart with casual. Her posts always make me want to spend a bit more money online, I've actually just invested in some mules because of her blogging. 

Isabella is another one of ASOS's personal stylists, and my new all time favourite inspiration style wise. She gets me in a way no other blogger has, her love for oversized clothes and black and white describes me no end and if I'm ever feeling uninspired I know I can go to her Instagram and straight away know what to wear. If someone could dress me everyday, it would be Isabella.

Lastly, Lizzy from SHOT FROM THE STREET is probably the newest blogger I've found and boy am I glad. Another babe who can work monochrome like no other and knows exactly how to rock an all black ensemble. She also has a top range of shoes, so much shoe envy.

Who's rocking your world blog wise?

Elena x

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