Thursday, 2 October 2014

Double Denim Problems

Denim Shirt - Zara | Jeans - ASOS | Loafers - ASOS

Well today is typical lancaster day, i.e. It rains all day. Kind of starting to realise running a blog while at university is bloody hard, but the next sunny day I get I will be out and about shooting outfit photos for you guys. But I do have my trusty tripod, and this is something I wore about a week ago. Double and even triple denim is seriously hot right now and I am loving embracing this fashion faux par as some people view it. I'm currently eying up a denim jacket to add another denim element to this look, because you might aswell go all out! Light blue works really well with blonde hair I think, so I'm so into washed out denim as my hair gets gradually lighter day by day.

I decided to pair the denim with these loafers, because they add a smarter element to the look, and a bit of a contrast to all the soft denim.

What do you guys think of double/triple denim? 

Elena x

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