Friday, 3 October 2014

Muling Around

Duster Coat - ASOS | Drop Waist Dress - ASOS | Mules - Faith

What fresh hell is this, Elena wearing a dress? I don't know what has happened to our normal October weather but I'm loving steering clear of the tights for a couple days longer. As you know, I don't like dresses particularly but this one caught me as its so sporty and casual, it's basically like wearing a massive t-shirt but looks better. Dresses always tend to make me look shorter than I already am, so I teamed it with my new favourite shoe of the year, my mules. How I've never owned mules before, I do not know. And of course, because it is actual still October and not that warm although I'm pretending it is, I threw on top my trusty duster coat to keep me warm when my legs turn purple.

Elena x

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