Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cape Away

Cape Blazer - Lavish Alice via ASOS | Jumper - Charity Shop | Jeans - New Look | Oversized Clutch- ASOS | Oversized Floppy Hat - New Look

I am now Zorro. Hello blogging world, my name is Zorro. Today's outfit features my new favourite item of clothing, my Lavish Alice cape blazer. Seen on two of my favourite bloggers, it was constantly sold out (currently in stock!!) but me and my eagle eyed ASOS OCD-ness caught it as available in my size and how can I say no, when fate gives itself to me like that? It's such a perfect piece, so easy to wear and looks so much more relaxed than a normal blazer. 

As I was in at 9am for class today, I had to think practically so teamed my cape blazer with a jumper and jeans and then to add an Elena edge to what could be a boring outfit, I popped my oversized floppy hat on which probably didn't help with the Zorro references.

In other news, my new knee high boots arrived today and I'm super scared/excited to try them out, just not sure if I can pull them off but we shall see!

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Elena x


  1. Great look!! I have to say, it's the bag that caught my eye. Love love love the colour, shape and texture of it!!

    MD | http://byourbself.blogspot.ca/

  2. All of your outfit pieces look pretty and versatile. Congratulations on your acquisition of the Lavish Alice Cape Blazer via Asos. It looks nice styled with your New Look floppy hat. Your pretty jumper, and lack of a scarf and mask helped conceal your identity as Zorro, but you looked lovely for class and your eyes, lips and hair look very pretty.