Monday, 13 October 2014

Mellow Monday #9

So it's Monday again and another week of 3rd year begins. 3rd year is already so full on, I totally agree with everyone who told me to prepare myself, god I wish I was a first year again.

- My first article in my university newspaper was published today, I've yet to see it but I'm so excited to actually see my words in print and next issue I'm lucky enough to be getting two articles published!

- I lucked out and managed to bag myself the Lavish Alice Blazer Cape as seen on Megan from Pages by Megan and Hannah from A Fashion Fix, it went out of stock but my beady eyes watched My Saved Items like a hawk and I managed to bag it when it came back in stock for a moment on Saturday. Result.

- I started my Final Year Project properly last week and I'm so inspired by the subject (Women and Technology) that I know this is the right thing for me to focus on this year, it's really nice to feel so positive about my work after a really rough two years.

- I reached 3000 page views last week and I just want to thank anyone who has viewed anyone of my blog posts, liked my photos on Instagram or retweeted any of my tweets. So truly, thank you.

- Lastly, I also begin my new job properly this Saturday which is both so scary yet so exciting. So many opportunities have been coming my way recently, I do feel truly blessed right now. 

How's your Monday been?

Elena x

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