Sunday, 19 October 2014

Mini ASOS/Topshop Haul

Platformed Mules - Topshop

So I realised that I haven't done a haul in forever which is strange as I'm constantly buying even though I'm meant to be a poor poor student, thank Mary and Joseph for my job to keep my ASOS addiction going.

Here's a few pieces I picked up in the last week, as winter has well and truly hit us up in the North, I stocked up on some warm jumpers for those days where I have 9am classes and really can't handle putting thought into my outfits. The grey one was a random find on ASOS, made of bonded fabric for the body then a light cotton for the sleeves, giving the whole piece a really interesting and warm look! The other jumper is a classic roll neck in camel, as I love camel too much right now. My favourite pairing is camel on camel which I think looks so classic and simple.

With the mid-season sales hitting the stores, I couldn't resist purchasing two new pairs of platforms. Platforms are my favourite type of shoe, being only a tiny 5"2 girl. The weaved pair from ASOS are very similar to the Stella McCartney leather versions very popular this season. I wore these on Friday and wow, those platforms are heavy. But I adore them. The other pair are from Topshop, but this time they are muled loafers. I love mules, they don't hurt my feet and they look so different to any other shoe. I don't own any silver shoes, so its a nice change to my monochrome wardrobe.

Lastly, I stocked up on loads of new gold rings, that I can wear in so many different combinations. My favourite of the bunch being, the double pearl ring as its very easy to wear.

What do you think of my buys?

Elena x


  1. All your rings, the colourful platforms and the jumpers look lovely. I'm sure you'll enjoy styling and wearing all the outfit pieces and rings from your mini-hauls at ASOS and Topshop in the coming months.