Monday, 10 November 2014

Colour Blocking

One of the most simple trends to achieve this Autumn/Winter is colour blocking. Combining different tones & textures of your favourite colours. The great thing about colour blocking is looks so well thought, but are so simple to achieve. My personal favourite is either navy or grey, mixing varying shades to build a more defined look and then breaking up with a contrasting colour like black or white. A ways of nailing colour blocking are:

Isabella from shows a perfect example of wearing really similar grey tones together, but without it looking to the same. By varying the textures of the top and trousers to ribbed and crepe, its gives the whole outfit a more expensive feel and although these pieces were not originally meant to be together, they really look like they come as a set. Topped off with black accessories to contrast the all grey look and you have a simple yet effective look.

Megan from is queen bee at colour blocking. As an ASOS personal stylist she attempts colour blocking more than most and here are two examples of my favourite attempts. Navy is another brilliant colour to colour block, as navy is such a closer neighbour to black and therefore has the same level of sophisifcation  but less dramatic than black. By pairing a casual sweatshirt with a pleated mini skirt, in near similar shades of navy, she creates a perfect look for in the day, without looking too casual or too smart! Topped off again with contrasting black boots, this outfit would easily work throughout the daytime going into the evening.

Another perfect attempt at colour blocking is this look, slightly different to the previous outfits as it contains more contrasting colours than they do but the lower half of the outfit revolves around a similar colour scheme which is then broken up by the white and grey elements. This coat is such a great piece to help someone who has never colour blocked before have a go, as the gradient helps make the look less intense and more gentle. 

What do you think of colour blocking?

Elena x

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