Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Culottes X Nike

Sweatshirt - H&M | Culottes - ASOS | Trainers - Nike 

Culottes were one of the big trends this summer and lucky they're still going strong now and featured in many catwalks at London Fashion Week! Hurray for culottes! Great for those when I'm bored of living in skinny jeans, and boy do I live in my skinny jeans and also great at hiding food babies/days you didn't go to the gym/want to pretend you're still in your massive PJ's. What more could a girl want.

These bad boys are from ASOS (obviously, it's me) which I got for a steal in the summer sale. Teamed with a slogan sweatshirt and my Nikes, this is a perfect chilled outfit which is both comfy but also looks like I made an effort. I love the combo of grey and navy, they work really well together and the added jazziness of the sequins adds a bit of glitz to a quite muted outfit.

Will you be wearing your culottes way into winter?

It's also my birthday tomorrow, feel free to send me ASOS vouchers in the mail guys xxx

Elena x

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  1. Gosh that top is so gorgeous. It works so well with the whole ensemble. Love x
    Heroine In Heels