Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Current Top Reads - July

As an avid blog reading for over a year now, I've defiantly got my firm favourites. Every month I will showcase 4 blogs I'm loving and these 4 never fail to impress me. 
Amy from The Little Magpie has style I could only dream of possessing and knows exactly how to work a pair of black jeans and a leather jacket. Especially since she cut her hair to the same length as mine, she is my ultimate girl crush and her accent is just immense.
Charissa Rae is another firm favourite. I adore the way she styles quite masculine pieces but with her own feminine touch, she's defiantly helped cement my love for culottes and all things H&M!
Megan from Pages by Megan not only is a fabulous fashion blogger, she also holds my dream job of Personal Stylist at ASOS! Her daily outfit posts are always sending me credit card first towards the ASOS website and her impeccable styling has no faults.
Lastly, Georgia from Georgia Luisa Meramo shows how easy it is to look amazing with really simple looks combining her love of leather, black and stripes. She's always first on my list when I'm wanting to look casual but still on point.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I'd love to discover some new blogs that might end up in next month's 'My Current Top Reads' so please leave your blogs below :-)


  1. You like a bit of leather, eh? :P You definitely can see what you like in style with these 4 girlies. It's such a nice idea to feature some fellow bloggers.

    I can't get over those yellow shorts and stripey top from Clarissa! <3

    Effie xx


    1. aha I do :') Charissa's outfit is just out of this world tbf! Elena xx

  2. Replies
    1. it's just too cute isn't it! :-) elena xx