Monday, 1 September 2014

Mellow Monday #3

As you will be aware, I'm currently away on jolly's but I was prepared and have become Mellow on the Friday before instead!

This week was truly a massive turning point for me. Suddenly everything seems to be going Elena's way and after this less than pleasant summer, I'm welcoming it with open arms.

- I've been offered a new job at the media company I work, working on LiveHelp which none of you will understand but yolo. I have a massive spending problem so any extra money is gratefully received and I really love the company I work for so I'm super happy right now!

- I'm going back to my old ways, when I return from Jersey I should be a white blonde gal once again. Many hours sat on Instagram lusting over white blonde hairstyles has pushed me to the tipping point. Sorry Mum! 

- When this post goes live, I will have attended my first ever festival, Jersey Live and I'm hopeful it will be amazing as I hope it will!

- I'm a very emotional person, and this week I finally gave in and voiced my true feelings and let me tell you, it's truly the best decision I've made in a long time. Although things don't go the way we want usually, you have to be honest and only good things will hopefully come from this honesty.

- Lastly, I finally bought my perfect winter boots! To be revealed either through Instagram and on the blawg upon my return... I know, the suspense, it's too much...

I'm currently away on holiday but will reply to all comments on my return.

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