Monday, 1 September 2014

Reaching Higher Heights

As you may know by now, I'm only a little student (5"2 to be exact) and regularly depend on platform shoes to help bring me up to everyone else's height (being called shortie soon becomes boring). But there's only so much a platform slip on can do before you call in the help of heels.

I don't do normal heels, they're too girly and altogether too uncomfortable so I decided to give heeled boots/platforms a go. The shoe boots were a bargain find on ASOS, now only £10! A perfect piece to bring a bit of texture into a monochrome look, and smarten up a pair of jeans too. The added appeal of a pointed tip and I was won over.

My other latest addition to my heeled footwear collection is the platform heels. I love a pair of all white shoes and these are the smarter version of the Van Slip On's I adore. Sadly, the only downfall of these shoes is due to their all white nature, they pick up dirt like no ones business, as shown in these photos.

I'm currently away on holiday but will reply to all comments on my return.

All photos by Daisy L.

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