Monday, 8 September 2014

Mellow Monday #4

Hey Gang! So I'm back off my wonderful holiday and it's mellow Monday again! Happy days.

- I had a truly unbelievably holiday in Jersey, with the most amazing people I could ever choose to spend it with. We drank, ate, sunbathed, swam, explored and partied hard at Jersey Live. I now miss my girls terribly but not long till University term begins and we are reunited for more crazy fun. P.S. if you get the chance to go to Jersey, go! 

-I got invited to first blogger event! After such a short time running Lockett's Pockets, it's so nice to consider for events and get the chance to meet bloggers from the North West and help expand my user base even more!

- I bit the bullet and shaved an undercut into my hair because I'm kind of reverting back to my grungy teenage self with too many piercings and dyed hair. No word of a lie, I love my undercut, the best part being if I need to be professional I just throw my hair over it! Win Win.

- I completed my first ever 10k race yesterday, in an amazing 1 hour 7 mins which I find unbelievably seeing as I was consider dropping out the night before due to illness and lack of training. It was hard, so hard but the feeling of crossing the finishing line is one hard to explain.

- Lastly, I'm just generally in a really good, positive place in my life and I hope no one or nothing tries to ruin it for me.

What's been keeping you positive recently?

Elena x

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