Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bleach London Review

Bleach London Total Bleach & White Toner

Now if you follow me on Social Media, you'll already know about my thing with white blonde hair and my struggle to achieve it! Well my friends, I've found the solution. Bleach London started as an independent salon in London, dying hair a wide range of colours from Mermaid Green to Sassy Pink. Then the hair gods provided, and they launched their range in Boots. I was meant to try Bleach London about a month ago, when my student loan came in, but low and behold, they had sold out, sod's law. So I waited and waited, then got bored and tried other dyes which failed to get the whitest I truly desired. Then the hair gods provided again and both the products I need came back in stock.

I bought Bleach London Total Bleach & White Toner, the bleach to remove the colour from my hair and take it way back to its lightest colour. Now when you bleach your hair, it goes yellow as your hair is naturally yellow when stripped back. So I needed the White Toner to get rid of the icky yellow tones and get my perfect Ice Blonde look I'd been looking for. Now these products are expensive, £7 a pop which if you've got long/thick hair can get costly, but its so worth it. No other product has managed this like these have. They also come with Reincarnation Masks to help bring your hair back to life but I do have to say, this bleach has been the kindest on my hair out of all bleach I've used. Now I'm not a beauty blogger so I'm not going to blog about the process, I just wanted to show my love and the before and after effects of these products. 

If you too, can't get enough of the white, I'd recommend this to the grave. Strong 9/10, just a tad expensive. 

Elena x

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  1. This looks fab! I've used their temporary dyes, but they've been a bit hit and miss so I've avoided trying their more permanent dyes (and bleach is surely the most permanent!), I'm definite;y wanting to give it a go now, though.

    Sammy xo.