Thursday, 28 May 2015


Smock Top - New Look | Jeans - ASOS Petite | Headscarf - Vintage | Wedges - ASOS

Hey guys! Finally I have finished university and with that I hopefully return to blogging properly, although as my boyfriend likes to point out I say this everytime I post! But for reals, I am back for good.

My style has changed quite a bit over this year, moving towards more floaty 70's vibes but still sticking to my black and white thing. I re-discovered my love for headscarves and wrapping them round my head even if I do get strange looks in Lancaster. Teamed with my regular black skinny jeans and the most awkward pair of shoes ever to walk in, my clumpy weave wedges! A shoe that when my mum saw them, she just commented on how on Earth I walk in them. Will I ever learn, no.

Love, Elena 

1 comment:

  1. I like the ornamentation along the hem of your New Look smock top and it's flared sleeves. It looks nice with your black Asos skinny jeans, and I like the vintage headscarf. As for your clumpy hard to walk in footwear and your mum's reaction, I wondered whether she's seen or commented on some of the more outrageous shoes Lady Gaga has worn on occasion. Your outfit looks pretty.

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